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Reluctant Reader

My son, the reluctant reader.

My son was always a reluctant reader. We tried to encourage him by buying books of different styles and genres and authors. We would give him new books at birthdays and Christmas, but they would inevitably end up just collecting dust in his room. He would start one and then loose his place or forget which one he was reading or struggled with the text size or layout. He also got tired thumbs and hands from holding the book open, especially larger hardback books.

I have always had a Kindle reader with me, so I thought I would get one for him to see if he prefers it. Amazon do a special Kindle kids version with 100s of children's books included with the Kindle ebook reader.

Using the ebook reader has made a big difference.

  • He now has lots of books to choose from (also buying new books is often cheaper on Kindle).

  • He can choose the text size and line spacing and even the font to make it easier for him to read. He often has a larger font so he can change pages quicker, which gives him a feeling of accomplishment.

  • He never looses his place in a book now as the Kindle remembers it for him.

  • He can look up the meaning of unknown words whilst reading by highlighting a word on the Kindle, which means he is enjoying the books more as he is understanding them better.

  • The kindle is light and easy to hold, he doesn't get tired thumbs from holding open the spine of the books anymore.

  • He likes the fact it's a gadget and electronic.

  • The display type is very easy on the eye so he can read at bedtime and also outside in the sun when we go on trips or camping.

We are a family of Kindle readers now, we always take them with us on trips, days to the beach and holidays. They are so easy to carry, whip out and pop away.

What are your thoughts?

Have you tried ebook readers?

Do you prefer books or an ebook reader?

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