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11+ Mock Exam

Mock exams are a key aspect of the 11+ learning journey: they help reduce test anxiety; promote time management; highlight weaker areas; and are a good indicator to track learning progress.


Benefits of 11+ Mock Exams with Us:

  •         Real Exam Simulation: Our mock exams mirror the actual 11+ Entrance Test conditions, giving your child the invaluable experience of what to expect on the big day. Familiarity breeds confidence!

  •         Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: Uncover your child's academic strengths and pinpoint areas that need a bit more love. Tailored insights help us craft a personalised learning recommendations for maximum impact.

  •         Time Management Mastery: The clock is ticking! Our mock exams are designed to enhance your child's time management skills, helping them breeze through each section with ease.

  •         Reduce Exam Anxiety: Familiarity breeds confidence, and confidence conquers anxiety! By facing mock exams, your child builds resilience and approaches the real 11+ test with a calm, focused mindset.

  •         Detailed Feedback: We don't just stop at the test! Our comprehensive feedback highlights specific areas for improvement, empowering your child with targeted study plans.


🚀 Ready to watch your child soar?


Book an 11+ mock exam with Mr Porter Tutoring today! 


The Test Papers

The test papers we use are GL style test papers.  They accurately portray the style and difficulty level of the real exam papers used in Torbay Grammar schools and other schools that use GL style test papers.

Different test papers are used for every test date, so the more mock exams you sit - the more topic coverage and experience you will gain.


After each test, you will receive a combined test score as well as a standardised test score based on other participant test scores and historic test scores.


2024 Mock Exam Dates

Choose from the following mock exam dates.  Each exam date uses different test papers, so the more mock exams you do, the more topic coverage and experience you gain.

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