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10 Story ideas for your writing

Here are 10 story ideas to inspire you to write.

Please do email me your stories, I would love to read your ideas.

  1. A girl/boy who discovers a secret stone doorway in the back of her bedroom closet that leads to a magical realm.

  2. A group of friends who find a mysterious old chest with a map inside, leading them on an exciting adventure.

  3. A boy/girl who is chosen by a magical talking tree to save the forest from the evil forces of darkness.

  4. An orphan who discovers he/she has magical powers and must protect the kingdom from an ancient evil.

  5. A brave girl who finds a magical sword in the ruins of an ancient temple and must use it to save her village.

  6. A group of children who stumble upon a secret underground city where they must help the inhabitants fight off a band of ruthless pirates.

  7. A boy who finds a mysterious book in his attic that teaches him how to make things happen by using magic spells.

  8. A brave prince who embarks on a quest to find a powerful gem that will protect his kingdom from a powerful enemy.

  9. A girl who discovers she is the daughter of a powerful wizard and must use her newfound magical powers to save her kingdom.

  10. An adventurous group of children who embark on a journey to find an ancient artifact that will unlock an incredible power.

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