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Year 7 - Maths and English - Online Course

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Introducing the Comprehensive Year 7 - Maths and English - Online Course. Welcome to our specialised Year 7 course, meticulously designed for Year 7 students aiming to excel in both the maths and English aspects of their studies. This full-academic-year-long online course is your child's passport to mastering the intricacies of the Year 7 syllabus. Course Highlights: - Duration & Structure: The course unfolds over the year, with fresh material introduced weekly. This ensures a steady and comprehensive learning experience. - Interactive Learning: Each week, students can look forward to live tutorials, engaging online challenges, and insightful discussions in our course group forum with fellow learners. - Course Goals: Our dual focus is on imparting topic-specific knowledge and honing test-taking strategies, ensuring your child is well-prepared for every facet of tests or exams through the year. - Expert Instruction: The course is helmed by Nigel Porter PGCE M Ed, a seasoned educator with over a decade of experience in tutoring. His expertise ensures that your child is in capable hands. - Extensive Resources: From worksheets and online quizzes to instructive videos, we provide a plethora of online resources. These materials remain accessible throughout the academic year, serving as a valuable revision tool. - Holistic Coverage: Our course encompasses every aspect of the maths and English syllabus for Year 7, offering a valuable pathway to success.

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