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11+ Learning Zone


In the 11+ Zone App, you can trial some examples of the learning challenges you will face when you subscribe to the 11+ Learning Zone.

When you subscribe, you will have a new challenge to complete each day.

The daily challenges cover:

  • Reading comprehension

  • SPaG

  • Vocabulary

  • Verbal reasoning

  • Maths and numerical reasoning

  • Non-verbal reasoning


This daily practise is a fantastic way in reaching 11+ success.

But the daily challenges are just the start!

  • You will have access to the 11+ Learning Community where you can share your ideas and ask other students questions about your learning.

  • You can track your progress with the score tracker and compare your scores with other students.

  • You can ask Mr Porter for help with any part of your learning.


AND, the best part is:

  • You will be invited to attend a LIVE online group tutorial every week with Mr Porter and the other students to share great learning and tips and techniques to overcome problems in the 11+.

I hope to see you soon in the 11+ Learning Zone.

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